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our vision
about usOur philosophy as a sector is to provide an alternative way of organising and managing a school, that places it at the centre of its community and gives a voice to all the stakeholders that can make it and its students highly successful
our values and principlesAt the Schools Co-operative Society not only do we co‑ordinate the ever growing network, we provide the guidance, advice, and support Co-operative Trust Schools and Co-operative Academies will need as they grow and develop.


Co-ordinating Co-operative Schools

Whether the school is a Co-operative Trust School, a Co-operative Academy or one that is investigating the status, the Schools Co‑operative Society is the national co-ordinating body for this new and dynamic sector of state education.

Leading education through co‑operation

Co-operative Schools place a high emphasis on schools, teachers and the community working together to provide the best environment they can for young people. The development of young people into active global citizens is at the core of our philosophy.

Do you want to know more about Co-op Schools?

Co-operative Trust Schools and Co-operative Academies are an increasingly popular alternative for schools to choose when they are looking at the future of their school. Find out more

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FIND OUT MORE about different types of Co-operative Schools:

Co-operative 'Converter' Academies, Co-operative 'Sponsor' Academies and Co-operative Trust Schools

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