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The Schools Co-operative Society co-ordinates the network of Co-operative Schools and provides advice and support to its members. It gives a voice to the rapidly growing co-operative sector within the UK educational system.  

 Owned by schools for schools. Their Co-operative


Message from Phil Arnold, 

Chair of SCS August 2011 until July 2013

Phil ArnoldAs we enter a turbulent period of educational reform I believe we must remain focused on continuing to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in our communities. As individuals or single institutions we can only do so much ‘alone’ and in competition with each other to meet the needs of families we seek to support.

Despite our strongest efforts when working alone and competitively sometimes we fail. Working in partnerships and collaboratively with others, we know, allows us to do more and deliver a wider positive impact. Sustaining and developing this effort over longer periods however, is often difficult and frustrating as individuals and institutions change over time.

The co-operative approach offers a way to move beyond these individual and institutional tangles of partnerships and collaboratives towards making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in our communities through an ongoing commitment to the internationally shared co-operative values ethics and principles.

By teaching about co-operation, working within co-operative institutions and learning through co-operation we welcome others to join an approach that strives ‘together’ to fully meet the needs of the families we seek to support.

This co-operative approach is a viable, sustainable and effective way to build 21st century communities of learning. Our strength and the mutual benefits that follow come from working co-operatively together. This is the function and purpose of SCS.

Phil Arnold
former Chair of the Board
Schools Co-operative Society

A brief biography of Phil Arnold.

“Phil is the Director of College Improvement at Reddish Vale Technology College in Stockport He is the C.E.O of Reddish Vale Co-operative Trust, which was established in March 2008, and has supported the development of both Co-operative Trusts and Co-op Converter Academies. He has also volunteered his time to support the establishment and development of SCS and is currently chairing the SCS interim board.

Phil received a Sinnott Fellowship in 2010 for outward facing schools and is working to support the establishment of a number of secondary mutual enterprises in and across the city area and in the local community